About Our online Pharmacy?

Experienced & qualified doctors and pharmacists are heading the online medical store. We provide usual drugs and brand named medications to people. The dream of this online site is to bring medicines to the remotest parts of the world with simple ordering, processing, and timely shipping and delivery. The medicines are sold at the lowest possible price without compromising on quality. We aim to become the leading and most reliable online drug store in the world. We have an online pharmacy where we sell drugs from major pharmaceutical companies.

  • Sun Pharma
  • Sunrise Remedies
  • Cipla
  • Abbott Healthcare
  • Cadila Healthcare
  • Torrent Pharma
  • Ranbaxy
  • Ajanta Pharma
  • Lupin
  • Intas Pharma
  • Pfizer
  • GSK etc.

Most of our products require a prescription of a licensed doctor. All of these products WHO-approved. Our online drug store features a wide range of quality products.

Is Usmedilife.com a licensed Pharmacy online?

Yes indeed, our online drugstore, Usmedilife.com is a legal pharmacy which provides brand-name and generic drugs to our customers with the lowest prices.

Do you need a prescription to order from your online pharmacy?

Yes, you must have a prescription for prescription drugs. You can attach it and send it with the order or else you can email it as well as a scan to Usmedilife@gmail.com.

If I place an order at your online pharmacy, how much will I save?

30 to 50% at least will be saved while ordering from the online pharmacy. However, you can reach us directly for the best packages at Usmedilife@gmail.com

Will my info about the purchase be confidential with the online pharmacy?

We measure all parameters to ensure the confidentiality of our customers’ information. Our online pharmacy is equipped with all the latest technologies to ensure that the database is always kept encrypted & it is accessible by only selected team member to process your order. We do not sell our customers’ data, in any shape or form to anyone individual or company.

“Are all products offered by your online pharmacy, Usmedilife.com

We provide the largest selection of brand name medicines and generic versions in our online drugstore www.Usmedilife.com. We have an array of products to cure several disorders, lack and sickness spanning different divisions including Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Infertility, HIV, Eye Care, Men’s Health, Blood Pressure, Beauty & Skin care products among others, at affordable prices.

Can I sign up as a member of your affiliate network and learn more details?

You can mail our business development team at Usmedilife@gmail.com

Who do I contact for a business partnership on your online pharmacy?

Email Usmedilife@gmail.com Contact our business development team.

What are Generic drugs-

What exactly are generic drugs?

Generics are the drugs that have identical composition, indications, side effects and drug actions of their brand-name counterparts. As far as the active agents are concerned, they are the same, but the inactive agents may vary.

Are generics safe to use?

So, generic drugs have to meet the same strict standards of quality as those set for brand-name drugs.

Why are generic drugs so much cheaper than brand-names?

In the process of producing a brand-name drug, much amount of money is spent on marketing and the advertising activities, which increases the cost of the product. On the other side, generic drugs manufacturers do not engage in such practices, which further reduces the marketing cost thus the final price of the pill.

Are there respective generic versions of all brand-name medicines available?

Manufacturers can make a generic version of a branded drug only when that branded medicine loses its patent protection. In some instances, it may even happen that, after patents have been rendered obsolete, the manufacturer might choose not to make a generic version of a certain drug. 50% of the brand-name medicines have generic alternatives.

Order Related Questions

What do I do upon receiving an order that is not complete or a product that is damaged?

Send an email to our customer service agents at Usmedilife@gmail.com

How long does a usual delivery last?

It takes 10 to 12 business days for the standard delivery.

May I order in bulk?

Yes, you can. But just for yourself.

What is the fastest way to get an order processed?

All orders are precious and every order is important to us, but if you in case want your order soon or in priority bases then you can send us an email at Usmedilife@gmail.com and our customer care team will contact you.

May I buy more than 3 months supply at a time?

Some countries limit shipments to three months’ supply for medication unless medically necessary. For more units, they are shipped to countries based on the refill prescribed by your physician. In the case of a very big order, though, an extra shipping fee may be charged than the normal one. Furthermore, we will call you and confirm that we are sending the package.

May my order contain specified dates for the expiration of medicines?

Default, we supply the medication that has 6 months’ expiry date, if you want to obtain longer duration of expiry date, please visit Usmedilife@gmail.com

What is the reason behind the low prices of medicines on your website?

We purchase the drugs in wholesale from established manufacturers. We do not compromise the safety and quality of the medications we supply.

After ordering generic pills from your online pharmacy Usmedilife.com , the pills look different than the ones I usually buy from my local drugstore. Why is it so?

Generic pills may not be precise reproductions of their corresponding brand-name versions in terms of appearance according to the Trademark Laws. This is the reason why generic pills usually differ in shape and look from that of their respective brand-name counterparts, though they contain the identical composition and operate in the same manner.

If my prescription medicine is not included on your price list, does this imply it’s not available?

There is a possibility that you may not find the product that you are looking for, because there are thousands of medications available in the market and not all products may be listed here. However, when you look for a product, ensure that you spell the name of the correct product. Alternatively, you can reach us at Usmedilife@gmail.com for an inquiry about your product.

I want to revoke my order. How do I proceed?

In case of this situation, you can notify our customer service agents by sending a cancellation request via email at Usmedilife@gmail.com . They will assist you.

If I cancel my order what happens?

If you cancel an order within 24 hours of placing it, you will be charged a minimal cancellation fee based on the number of items in your order. 24 hours after purchase no refund is possible.

Is it possible for me to receive my packages discreetly?

All our parcels are packed in bubble wrap and in boxes made from cardboard. Our customers’ privacy is always ensured.

Can I find a receipt for a specific order?

Please log into your account and find “My orders” for your order receipt.

Account Related Questions

Should I log in or register?

You can make an order through our secure site either as a registered user or a guest.

How can I change my shipping address?

Please visit the “Account Information” page by logging into your account. Visiting the page allows you to update your contact details. If you want to have your shipping address reversed or reverse already placed orders, you should promptly contact us at Usmedilife@gmail.com and we will ship the order to your desired address.

2 How can I reset my password?

Please log in to your account, and enter “ Change Password “ page (Tab). We recommend you to set up a strong password to improve your account protection. Use symbols, numbers, upper, and lowercase letters and the length of a password should be around 7 to 14 symbols in length.

Ordering a refill of previous medication.

You just need to log in to your account and go to the page “My Past Orders”. Here you will see all details about your previous orders that you can make again by clicking the “Reorder” button.

Shipping Related Questions

My online medicine order still hasn’t been shipped. What is the delay for?

One possible reason could be unprocessed payment. If you want to know the exact reason please write to us at Usmedilife@gmail.com

Can the shipping address be modified once the order has been placed with your online pharmacy, Usmedilife.com?

Definitely if the order has not been placed yet. But what you should know is that our online pharmacy Usmedilife.com does not allow changing the shipping address of your order after it has been shipped.

How do I inquire about my order status?

log into your account at www.Usmedilife.com to check the status of your order. Or we can email our customer service team at Usmedilife@gmail.com . You can even directly call us and talk to one of our customer service executives at +91 98247 82907. (WhatsApp)

How would my order be delivered by your online pharmacy, Usmedilife.com?

Your package will be delivered through our online pharmacy, Usmedilife.com, by either EMS or courier service, relying on the pin-code associated with the shipping address.

My prescription medication was ordered online but I can not find the tracking for my order, what is the issue?

After shipment of the order, we update your online account with tracking and shipping details. 7-10 days after your item was shipped or after customs clearance, you can track your shipment.

How will my order get packaged in your online pharmacy, Usmedilife.com?

Usmedilife.com ensures that your order content is not manipulated by human hands. Through machine process, each and every order is packed hygienically.

I got just half the order I made. Why?

For big orders we separate the whole order into two parcels. You can contact us at Usmedilife@gmail.com for further details.

I have received the wrong dosage of medication in my order, what should I do?

Sorry for the inconvenience. IMMEDIATELY CONTACT US so that we can make amends and dispatch the right one to you.

Payment Related Questions

How can I pay for the drugs that I order from your online store Usmedilife.com?

The different modes of payment accepted by Usmedilife.com include debit card, e-cheque and direct bank transfer (DBT).

How long will it take to see the refund posted in my account?

Refund is generally within 7 business days, but depending on processing time, the refund may vary between 15 to 30 days. If you do not receive your refund, we are reachable at Info@usmedilife.com.

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