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Ca Atra 10 Mg

CA Atra 10 Softgel Capsule belongs to a group of medicines called retinoids, which are similar to vitamin A. It is used to treat a type of blood problem called acute promyelocytic leukaemia. It works by slowing the growth of certain types of diseased blood cells.

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Capsule belonging to the retinoid group, namely CA Atra and 10, which is similar to vitamin A, should be taken for acute promyelocytic leukaemia. It accomplishes that through the regulation of the growth of some particular cancerous blood. From sentence: With this capability, astronauts can spend long periods of time in space without experiencing significant health issues.

CA Atra 10 Softgel Capsule acts by inhibiting the progression of blood cells that are undesirous in cancer. It is recommended to be taken together with food, often at the same time as other pills, for it to be maximally effective. It’s you’re having effects on the first week or second it doesn’t mean it’s not working; You should just be patient and use it more regularly to get the most benefit. Additionally, go back to your doctor after three weeks if in case you see any relief. It is fully rational not to overuse drugs and to avoid resorting to them more often than recommended. It will not make a magic trick and it can lead to side effects which increase the risk.

Side effects that are likely to occur are headache, fever, dry skin and rash. They are generally never very deep and in majority of cases the redness goes away after a week or so of using the cream. In the cases where it isn’t getting better, or is causing discomfort, see a doctor. You might go for smaller quantities of applications or use less of it. Because these drugs are natural and compounded without the use of chemical preservatives, side effects are rare.

CA Atra Atra 10 Softgel Capsule may add to the possibility of the sensitivity to the sunshine notably, stay indoors after taking the capsule. Take enough of water, and use humectants including baby oil or petroleum jelly as their mouth, lips, and eyes’ dryness is one of the side effects. You may have the consequence that your skin becomes more weak. We do recommend that our patients refrain from getting any waxing (hair removal), or laser treatments until they are finished with their treatment. This drug may result in abnormalities in the upcoming baby, so do consult your doctor if you are already pregnant or planning to get.

How To Use Ca Atra 10 Mg

Take this medication as directed by your physician, usually once a day. Swallow the capsules whole with a drink of water.

Active Ingredients

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Benefits of Ca Atra 10 Mg

  • Leukemia
  • Treatment
  • Acute
  • Promyelocytic
  • Induction
  • Differentiation
  • Syndrome
  • Oral
  • Chemotherapy
  • APL

Side Effects of Ca Atra 10 Mg

  • Headache
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Fever/chills
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Bone pain
  • Liver problems
  • Bleeding risk
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11 Reviews For Ca Atra 10 Mg

Darrin Jensen |

22 April 2024

Feeling emotional writing this because CA Atra 10 Softgel Capsules have truly been a lifesaver for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an amazing product!

Manasvin Chennaboina |

05 April 2024

Thank you, Ca Atra 10 Mg, for bringing relief and hope into my daily routine. You're a game-changer!

trigun0x2 |

06 October 2023

Cancer is a tough battle, but Ca Atra 10 mg has given me the strength to face it head-on. It's a medication that empowers me to keep fighting.

nathanrichter |

06 October 2023

I've been on Ca Atra for a while now, and it has become a vital part of my leukemia treatment. I'm optimistic about the progress I'm making.

pratik.mahajan272 |

06 October 2023

Calutide 50 mg has made a significant impact on my leukemia management. It's provided me with hope and a sense of control over my health.

lynn.grantz1 |

06 October 2023

Ca Atra has been a reliable companion in my leukemia journey. It's a reminder that I can overcome challenges and keep moving forward.

lassepc |

06 October 2023

Living with leukemia is tough, but Ca Atra 10 mg has made it more manageable. It's given me the chance to enjoy life's moments and create beautiful memories.

cleanerlondon |

06 October 2023

I appreciate the convenience of oral medication like Ca Atra. It's been a crucial part of my leukemia treatment, and I'm hopeful for the future.

paulomarciano |

06 October 2023

Calutide 50 mg has given me stability and strength during a challenging time. It's allowed me to focus on healing and spending quality time with my loved ones.

cyberbobgr |

06 October 2023

Starting Ca Atra was a turning point in my battle against cancer. It's made a noticeable difference, and I'm determined to keep fighting.

breakingmary |

06 October 2023

Ca Atra 10 mg has been my lifeline during my leukemia treatment. It's helped me stay positive and hopeful, and I'm grateful for the progress I've seen.

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What is CA ATRA 10 mg used for?

CA ATRA 10 mg is used to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), a type of cancer affecting the blood and bone marrow.

What is the strength of atra tablet?

The strength of ATRA tablets can vary, but they are commonly available in strengths of 10 mg.

How long does it take for ATRA to work?

ATRA can start working within a few weeks, but full effects may take several months of treatment.

Does ATRA cause neuropathy?

ATRA is not typically associated with neuropathy as a side effect. However, individual reactions may vary.

What are the symptoms of ATRA?

Common side effects of ATRA may include headache, nausea, fever, fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, and weight gain.

Is APL leukemia painful?

APL leukemia itself is not typically painful, but it can cause symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, and bleeding that may be uncomfortable.

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