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BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI

BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler 200md - Breathe Easy with BECLATE. Reliable inhaler for asthma control. Order now for 200 metered doses. Take charge of your respiratory health.

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Created at : 18-09-2023
Author : Aston Carter
Updated at : 20-03-2024
Medically Reviewd By : Dr. Peter Hales

Buy BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI in USA (United States)

Beclate 100 mcg Inhaler is a corticosteroid inhalation medication that is used to counter symptoms including wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, breathing difficulties, coughing, etc.

which may be associated with asthma. This drug, however, is not a recommended substitute for the general cause of asthma.

Beclate 100 mg Inhaler is listed as a medicine having Beclomethasone as its constituent that belongs to the class of drugs called as Threroic Steroids. 

It is data that we may use to avoid asthma in such patients, who, regularly, need to treat themselves.

Henceforth, never swallow the drug. Only hold nasally the medicine in your lungs through your mouth and not by your nose. 

It used in the treatment of both adult and teenagers starting from the age of 12 years and more.

The inhaler Beclate 100 mg Inhaler must not be used to treat exacerbations of asthma as it is not meant for the instant relief of acute symptoms. 

Conversely, call the doctor if you notice the symptoms are worsening and taking one puff of the fast-acting inhaler is what you need to relieve them.

Beclate 100 mg Inhaler is specifically designed only for preventing asthma but not symptomatic relief.

Hence, it is necessary to take it regularly, as instructed by your doctor to have better control over your symptoms.

Make sure to report to your doctor any condition having to do with lungs (tuberculosis), liver or kidney problems before starting to use your inhaler with Beclate 100 mg. 

How To Use BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI

Beclate 100 mcg Inhaler shaking and lid covering removal are the essential steps employing. 

Give out long and gentle breath, and then place the facepiece on your mouth, covering your lips completely.

Take in the air by breathing as long and as fully as you can, while pressing firmly down on the device.

Breathe out for 10 seconds and then try to blow into an imaginary balloon slowly.

Perform mouth rinsing right after taking the medicine. Listen to the given audio and comprehension question.

Active Ingredients

Benefits of BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI

  • Reduces and prevents lung inflammation
  • Prevents asthma symptoms like chest tightness, wheezing, breathlessness, coughing
  • Improves daily life activities
  • Allows easier breathing
  • Helps control asthma
  • May reduce the need for other asthma medications

Side Effects of BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI

  • Sore throat
  • Hoarseness
  • Cough
  • Dry mouth or throat
  • Oral thrush 
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Voice changes
  • Increased heart rate
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10 Reviews For BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI

Judy Schiers |

23 May 2024

This inhaler is a lifesaver! BECLATE 100mcg really helps me breathe easier.

Michelle Dalton |

23 May 2024

BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler keeps my asthma in check. I can finally enjoy outdoor activities.

Mike Langston |

22 May 2024

Highly recommend BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler. It stops my wheezing and shortness of breath quickly.

Jennifer Sweat |

21 May 2024

BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler is a lifesaver for my asthma. Works quickly and effectively, improving my breathing with each use.

Lily Naish |

20 May 2024

BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler works wonders for my asthma. It’s effective and provides relief whenever I need it.

Lisa Ceniceros |

18 May 2024

BECLATE 100mcg Inhaler is my go-to for asthma flare-ups. Works quickly and effectively. Very satisfied with the results.

metiolecis36 |

08 August 2023

I can't live without my Beclate 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI! This inhaler has made a significant difference in my life. It is easy to use, and the medication works quickly to open up my airways. I highly recommend it to anyone with asthma.

theodorejeese88 |

08 August 2023

Beclate 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI is a reliable inhaler for managing my asthma. The dosage is appropriate, and it helps alleviate my breathing difficulties. My only request would be for the inhaler to have a dose counter to track the remaining doses.

henrywilliam |

08 August 2023

I love the Beclate 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI! It has drastically improved my asthma control. The inhaler is easy to use, and the 100mcg dosage is perfect for my needs. I can now enjoy physical activities without worrying about asthma attacks.

enamargoz92 |

08 August 2023

Beclate 100mcg Inhaler 200mdI has been effective in managing my asthma symptoms. It provides quick relief during flare-ups, and the 200-metered doses last quite a while. The only downside is that it can sometimes cause a slight throat irritation after use.

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Can I use Beclate 100mcg Inhaler for allergies?

Beclate 100mcg Inhaler may help manage allergy symptoms. Consult your doctor for personalized advice.

How fast does Beclate 100mcg Inhaler work?

Beclate 100mcg Inhaler may start relieving symptoms within a few days of regular use.

Can Beclate 100mcg Inhaler be used during pregnancy?

Consult your doctor regarding the use of Beclate 100mcg Inhaler during pregnancy.

Can Beclate 100mcg Inhaler be used with other medications?

Inform your doctor about all medications before using Beclate 100mcg Inhaler to avoid potential interactions.

How should Beclate 100mcg Inhaler be stored?

Store Beclate 100mcg Inhaler at room temperature away from moisture and heat sources.

Can Beclate 100mcg Inhaler help with asthma attacks?

Beclate 100mcg Inhaler is used to prevent asthma attacks by reducing airway inflammation.

How often should Beclate 100mcg Inhaler be used?

Use Beclate 100mcg Inhaler as directed by your doctor, typically twice daily.

Can I buy Beclate 100mcg Inhaler without a prescription?

Beclate 100mcg Inhaler requires a prescription for purchase.

Where can I purchase Beclate 100mcg Inhaler?

Beclate 100mcg Inhaler can be bought with a prescription from pharmacies or online platforms like Usmedilife.

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