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Beclate 400 Rotacap 30’s

Beclate 400 Rotacap - Breathe Easy with Beclate. Convenient rotacaps for asthma management. Order now for 400 doses of relief. Take charge of your respiratory health.

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Created at : 20-09-2023
Author : Aston Carter
Updated at : 13-03-2024
Medically Reviewd By : Dr. Peter Hales

Buy Beclate 400 Rotacap 30’s in USA (United States)

Beclate 400µg Rotacap is a special drug for patients who have severe allergic reactions, sometimes called steroids that have a wide range of functions.

For the prevention and treatment of asthma this drug is used as well. It can be inhaled; once inhaled, it will suppress the inflammation which occur in the lungs and the airway.

Suppressing the inflammation will help reinstate a normal breathing pathway.

Like any medicinal drug, Beclate 400mcg Rotacap should be empellateded with the same dose and duration as per the directions of the doctor.

This medicine will probably show its effect within the first 2–3 days, and its maximum effect will probably be felt only after about a month.

Do not stop using this medicine as it needs to be taken daily for best results, so continue taking it even when that you experience no symptoms.

However, if there is a pause in the prescription, your asthma treatment may be aggravated.

If the medical inhaler you are receiving has to be correct then try to master your technique so that you can get the maximum benefit.

Ordinary hygiene requirements for the mouthpiece of the inhaler are to be cleaned weekly with, for instance, a clean dry piece of tissue or cloth. 

The most often side effects are the throat itching, the throat and tongue pain, cough and headache.

Symptoms of thrush can be prevented by firstly rinsing your throat and the mouth with water or using a toothbrush to brush your teeth after the process of inhaling.

How To Use Beclate 400 Rotacap 30’s

To use a Beclate 400 Rotacap for asthma, you need to pull and twist the cap open so that the powder gets exposed.

 Insert the mouthpiece of rotahaler into the rotacap, inhale deeply, and take a breath as forcefully as you can through the mouthpiece, and hold your breath for 5–10 seconds.

Inhale fill and drink water to prevent candidiasis.

Active Ingredients

Beclomethasone Dipropionate formula image
Benefits of Beclate 400 Rotacap 30’s

  • Reduces and prevents lung swelling and inflammation
  • Prevents asthma symptoms like chest tightness, wheezing, breathlessness, coughing
  • Improves daily life activities
  • Does not stop ongoing asthma attacks
  • Use a “reliever” inhaler for asthma attacks
  • Proper inhaler technique is crucial for effectiveness

Side Effects of Beclate 400 Rotacap 30’s

  • Sore throat
  • Hoarseness
  • Cough
  • Dry mouth or throat
  • Oral thrush (fungal infection in the mouth)
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Voice changes
  • Increased heart rate
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7 Reviews For Beclate 400 Rotacap 30’s

Theresa Baronek |

21 May 2024

Say goodbye to wheezing with Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's. Works like a charm, easy to administer. Worth every penny.

Jennifer Tarbell |

18 May 2024

Keeps my asthma symptoms in check. Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's provide consistent relief without side effects. Very satisfied.

juzznikybonza |

08 August 2023

I'm incredibly satisfied with Beclate 400 Rotacaps. The 400mcg dosage is perfect for my severe asthma, and the rotacaps ensure I get the right amount of medication every time. These have become an essential part of my asthma treatment plan.

rossymmike7 |

08 August 2023

Beclate 400 Rotacaps work well for my chronic bronchitis, and the 400mcg dosage is appropriate for my needs. However, I find the taste and texture of the powder slightly unpleasant during inhalation.

dacidsmithgonzale87 |

08 August 2023

I can't express how much Beclate 400 Rotacaps have improved my asthma management. The 400mcg dose is powerful and provides long-lasting relief. The rotacaps are easy to carry around, making them perfect for travel.

nicolospuren30 |

08 August 2023

Beclate 400 Rotacaps work effectively for my asthma, and the 400mcg dosage is suitable for managing my symptoms. The only downside is that sometimes the powder clumps together inside the rotacap, making it difficult to inhale the entire dose.

thejohns859 |

08 August 2023

Beclate 400 Rotacaps have been a game-changer for my severe asthma. The 400mcg dose is potent and provides fast relief during flare-ups. These rotacaps are easy to use, and I love the convenience of the 400-metered doses.

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Active Ingredient

Beclomethasone Dipropionate



Delivery Time

7-15 Days



How does Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's compare to other asthma medications?

Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's offers superior asthma control with its innovative formulation.

Can Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's be used for COPD?

Yes, Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's effectively manages COPD symptoms.

Are there lifestyle changes recommended while using Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid asthma triggers for optimal results with Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's.

Can I travel with Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's?

Yes, Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's is travel-friendly, but check airline regulations for carrying medications.

Can Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's be used as a rescue medication?

Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's is primarily for maintenance therapy, not rescue.

How can I purchase Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's?

Beclate 400 Rotacap 30's is available at leading pharmacies and online retailers like Usmedilife.

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