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Acnay Gel 10gm

Acnay Gel is a combination medicine that is used to treats acne. It minimizes excessive oil production, thus reduces inflammation.

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Created at : 13-10-2023
Author : Aston Carter
Updated at : 05-03-2024
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Acnay Gel is a complex drug which is used to treat acne, an inflammatory condition of the oil glands of the skin. Thus it brings the amount of oil to the normal value and decreases the inflammation. And in addition to that, it also makes it impossible for the organisms that produce acne to eventually develop. It not only protects the skin from pimples, blackheads, and whitish spots but also from other related conditions.

Acnay Gel which is formulated to be used externally only and should be applied according to the instructions given by your doctor. Just a little amount of the treatment should be gently rubbed in on the skin with any showing signs of change. It is very important to do this by clean and dry hands. Do hand hygiene before and after using the medicine. The water solutions should be applied immediately to eyes, nose, mouth or vaginal area to reduce the amount of contaminants there. The outcome can be viewed as a matter of days to several weeks, however, the medicine should definitely be taken regularly. Full dose and course of the treatment have to be completed in order to try to guarantee a higher response to the medicine. If your physical frame happens to not get better or even get worse, you need to talk to your physician.

One of its side effects is the dryness, peeling, redness, and burning sensations may appear at the application site. Overall, it is safe. This is, though, the most disadvantageous of CBD which is usually temporary and mild. In the majority of cases these side effects can be avoided by applying an occlusive and drinking a large amount of water. Rarely, patients can experience significant side effects. You need to seek medical assistance if you find out that you also have allergic reactions (rashes, itching, swelling, shortness of breath etc.) to these antibiotics.

How to Use Acnay Gel 10gm

External use only. This drug is created for. Take it only in the amount and time span your physician has suggested. Look for the label before you use it for operation. Clean the affected area with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol. After that, apply the gel. Carry on your hands washing unless hands are the area problematic to it.

Active Ingredients

Clindamycin (1% w/w) + Nicotinamide (4% w/w) 10 Gm Formula Image

Benefits of Acnay Gel 10gm

  • Controls acne
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Clears clogged pores
  • Prevents new breakouts
  • Improves skin texture
  • Minimizes acne scars
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Promotes clearer complexion
  • Contains antibacterial properties
  • Enhances overall skin health

Side Effects of Acnay Gel 10gm

  • Dryness or peeling
  • Redness or irritation
  • Burning or stinging sensation
  • Itching
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin discoloration
  • Photosensitivity
  • Excessive dryness
  • Rash or hives
  • Swelling of the face or lips


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6 Reviews For Acnay Gel 10gm

Greg Lewis |

08 May 2024

Acnay Gel, you've made my day! My skin feels happy and healthy, all thanks to you!

hs69.kim |

08 January 2024

Acnay Gel - reliable, efficient, and affordable.

lange |

08 January 2024

Acnay Gel - a must-have in my skincare regimen.

kwanghee |

08 January 2024

Finally found something that genuinely fights my acne.

wanhoon |

08 January 2024

Acnay Gel is a miracle worker for my acne. Highly effective!

jackzampa35.l |

25 November 2023

Acnay Gel is my new holy grail! After struggling with acne for years, I finally found a solution. The 10gm tube is perfect for on-the-go application. It has a lightweight texture, doesn't feel greasy, and works wonders overnight. My breakouts have significantly reduced, and my skin feels smoother. Highly recommend!

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What is the use of Acnay Gel?

Acnay Gel is primarily used for the treatment of acne.

How do you use clin Gel on your face?

Gently apply the gel to the affected areas of your face, avoiding contact with eyes and lips.

How should I apply acne gel?

Use acne gel as directed by your dermatologist or as indicated on the product label, typically once or twice daily.

Can I use clear gel for pimples?

Yes, clear gel formulations are often used for treating pimples as they can help to dry out excess oil and reduce inflammation.

Can I apply clindamycin overnight?

Yes, you can apply clindamycin gel overnight as directed by your healthcare provider or dermatologist for the treatment of acne.

Is Acnay Gel 10gm a steroid?

No, Acnay Gel 10gm is not a steroid. It is typically formulated with active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to treat acne.

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