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Persol 2.5% Gel

Persol AC 2.5 Gel is an anti-bacterial medicine that helps treat acne. Acne appears as spots or pimples on your face, chest, or back. This medicine works by killing acne-causing bacteria.

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Created at : 14-10-2023
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Persol AC 2.5 Gel is an antibiotic that helps treat acne. Acne is a condition that causes pimples or spots to develop on the face, chest and back. This drug kills bacteria causing acne. 
Persol AC 2.5 Gel can be used alone or in combination with other anti-acne creams. Use it as directed by your physician. The most effective use of this medicine will be achieved if you follow the instructions contained in the package insert provided for you. Apply this medication to the affected areas after cleansing and drying them up properly. Usually, it is used once or twice daily . Avoid damaged skin when applying, don’t let it touch your eyes, mouth and nose too . It may take several weeks before there is noticeable improvement; therefore, continue to use it as directed by your doctor In case after a month of using this medicine regularly, there are no improvements; consult your doctor.

Common side effects of Persol AC 2.5 Gel include: itching, stinging, peeling and redness of the skin. These are not usually serious but report to your healthcare provider if they persist or worsen over time. You might need lesser amount and/or less frequency of application than recommended earlier . This medicinal product increases sensitivity to sunlight . Therefore , avoid excessive exposure while using it . If unavoidable , apply during evening time where necessary . Do take note that contact with hair , clothes including even fabric should be avoided as they may stain.

How To Use Persol AC 2.5 Gel

Acne is usually treated with this gel. Clean the affected part of the body using a mild soap and then dry it by patting it gently. Put on a layer of this substance thinly over your skin that has been affected about one to two times per day as instructed by your personal doctor. Avoid letting this gel get into eyes, mouth or inside any mucous membrane. In case there is accidental exposure, thoroughly rinse using water only. It’s because the gel may make your skin sensitive to sunlight that you should use suncreen during the day time whereas at night try to stay out of the sun when you are wearing it. A number of weeks may pass before one can see any change in their condition however, if either irritation or severe drying happens one may reduce how often they apply it or just stop altogether and make an appointment with a medical expert instead.

Active Ingredients

Benzoyl peroxide is a chemical compound (specifically, an organic peroxide) with structural formula (C6H5−C(=O)O−)2, often abbreviated as (BzO)2. In terms of its structure, the molecule can be described as two benzoyl (C6H5−C(=O)−, Bz) groups connected by a peroxide (−O−O−). It is a white granular solid with a faint odour of benzaldehyde, poorly soluble in water but soluble in acetone, ethanol, and many other organic solvents. Benzoyl peroxide is an oxidizer, which is principally used as in the production of polymers.

Benefits of Persol AC 2.5 Gel

  • Acne reduction
  • Oil control
  • Clear complexion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved texture
  • Pore refinement
  • Blemish reduction
  • Enhanced healing
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Skin renewal

Side Effects of Persol AC 2.5 Gel

  • Skin dryness
  • Redness, irritation
  • Peeling, flaking
  • Burning sensation
  • Itching, stinging
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sun sensitivity
  • Excessive dryness
  • Skin discoloration
  • Rash, hives
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17 Reviews For Persol 2.5% Gel

Goel Goel |

17 April 2024

To all my fellow acne warriors out there, let me introduce you to your new best friend, Persol AC 2.5 Gel. It's like having a squad of tiny soldiers ready to tackle any breakout. Here's to clearer skin and happier faces!

Wilson Hannah |

15 April 2024

Persol AC 2.5 Gel, my skin's superhero in a tube! You've defeated my acne villains and restored peace to my complexion. Here's to happier, clearer days ahead!

mleonardo880 |

27 October 2023

If you have mild acne, this might be all you need. It's effective without the potential side effects of stronger products.

howard.wilkerson |

27 October 2023

My skin's texture has improved significantly. It's smoother, and my pores appear smaller.

cdjrkng |

27 October 2023

Don't forget sunscreen when using this gel. It can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

emils3508 |

27 October 2023

While it's gentle, it can be slightly drying. Make sure to moisturize to counteract any dryness.

littletaylor.01 |

27 October 2023

I've recommended this to my teenager, and it's helped manage their acne without harsh side effects.

lunarwingz |

27 October 2023

My confidence has soared because of this gel. It's kept my skin clear and acne-free.

kongonegern |

27 October 2023

You only need a small amount, which means the tube lasts a long time. It's cost-effective.

lewismsal |

27 October 2023

It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Great for daytime use under makeup.

elrikito12 |

27 October 2023

Stubborn blackheads are no match for this gel. My pores look cleaner and less congested.

ajisgaring24 |

27 October 2023

I apply it as a spot treatment, and it's very effective at reducing the size and redness of pimples.

foopdog5678 |

27 October 2023

My complexion has become noticeably clearer since using Persol 2.5% Gel. I love the results.

hlmedwards |

27 October 2023

I use this to prevent breakouts, and it's done an excellent job at keeping my skin acne-free.

backarimar |

27 October 2023

It works, but it takes a bit longer to see results compared to stronger formulations. Patience is key.

pr.om.o.t.e.a.sw |

27 October 2023

As someone with sensitive skin, I've finally found an acne treatment that doesn't irritate my skin. It's been a game-changer.

despition |

27 October 2023

Persol 2.5% Gel is a gentle and effective solution for acne. It keeps my skin clear without over-drying.

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Active Ingredient

Benzoyl Peroxide


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What is Persol AC gel 2.5 used for?

Persol AC Gel 2.5 is used to treat acne and helps reduce acne lesions and inflammation on the skin.

What are the side effects of Persol AC 5 gel?

Side effects of Persol AC 5 gel may include dryness, redness, irritation, peeling, burning sensation, and increased sun sensitivity.

How long does benzoyl peroxide 2.5 gel take to work?

Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel typically takes several weeks to show noticeable improvement in acne lesions and skin condition.

What does benzoyl peroxide do to your face?

Benzoyl peroxide reduces acne by killing bacteria, unclogging pores, and reducing inflammation, leading to clearer skin over time.

Which is better Perobar 2.5 or 5?

The choice between Perobar 2.5 and 5 depends on the severity of acne. Start with 2.5 for mild cases.

Can I leave benzoyl peroxide on my face overnight?

Yes, you can leave benzoyl peroxide on your face overnight, but start with a lower concentration to avoid irritation.

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