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Tretiva 20 Capsule belongs to a group of medicines called retinoids (vitamin A derivative). It is used to treat severe acne that has not responded to other treatments.

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Tretiva 20 Capsule is a member of a group of medications known as retinoids, they are derived from vitamin A. It is meant for the management of severe acne unresponsive to other treatments. 
The recommended dose and duration of use of Tretiva 20 Capsule should be strictly followed by your doctor. To avoid missing a dose, it should be taken with food, preferably at the same time each day. Keep taking your medicine regularly even if it takes several weeks before you see improvement in your symptoms. If no betterment is noticed after few weeks, consult with you physician again.

Common side effects include dry skin, rash and raised liver enzymes; they are generally non-serious and often vanish away as one get used to taking the medicine but if they make someone uncomfortable or persist it will be good idea to inform doctor.

Tretiva 20 Capsules might increase your sensitivity towards sun hence limit exposure to sunlight. Additionally, it may also frail your skin. That means no hair removal using wax or anything like that during treatment or laser therapy on the affected areas either. Furthermore it could cause drying out of mouth, lips and eyes so have sufficient water intake and use moisturizers too. This drug may cause birth defects therefore consult a medical expert while pregnant or planning for pregnancy.

How to Use Tretiva 20 Mg 

To take Tretiva 20 mg, ingest it through the mouth with a glass full of H2O, preferably after eating food once every day. Swallow the capsule whole without crushing or masticating it. You should follow your dermatologist’s dosing and timing instructions very meticulously. It is indispensable to maintain a constant level of Tretiva in your bloodstream by taking it at the same time of day every day. Avoid too much sun exposure and use sunblock while on this medication so that you are not burnt by the sun or damage your skin. Do not worry because it might take some weeks before any positive changes can be seen as regards acne conditions improving. Visit your dermatologist frequently for follow up purposes

Active Ingredients

Isotretinoin is an oral prescription medication that affects sebaceous glands and is used to treat severe acne. The drug was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1982 to treat severe, resistant, nodular acne that is unresponsive to conventional therapy, including systemic antibiotics.

Benefits of Tretiva 20 Mg

  • Reduced acne severity: Decreases severity of acne lesions.
  • Sebum regulation: Controls excess oil production.
  • Pore clearance: Helps unclog pores.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces acne-related inflammation.
  • Prevents new lesions: Helps prevent new acne breakouts.
  • Improved skin texture: Enhances overall skin appearance.
  • Boosted self-esteem: Improves confidence due to clearer skin.
  • Scar reduction: Minimizes acne scarring.
  • Long-term management: Provides lasting control of acne.
  • Dermatologist-recommended: Trusted treatment option for severe acne.


Side Effects of Tretiva 20 Mg 

  • Dryness: Skin and lips may become dry.
  • Peeling: Skin may peel or flake.
  • Irritation: Skin irritation or redness.
  • Photosensitivity: Increased sensitivity to sunlight.
  • Joint pain: Musculoskeletal discomfort.
  • Headache: Pain or discomfort in the head.
  • Mood changes: Emotional fluctuations.
  • Liver abnormalities: Potential impact on liver function tests.
  • Vision changes: Blurred vision or dry eyes.
  • Birth defects: Risk of severe birth defects if taken during pregnancy.
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11 Reviews For Tretiva 20 Mg

Carla Parsons |

13 April 2024

Tretiva 20 Capsule, you're my acne hero! It's like a dream come true. My complexion has never looked better. Can't thank you enough!

joaoslb24nunes |

20 October 2023

Tretiva 20 mg is now an essential part of my skincare routine. It's improved my skin, kept breakouts at bay, and has made me feel more confident. I can't imagine my daily regimen without it.

antepozdrav |

20 October 2023

I've been using Tretiva 20 mg to combat acne concerns, and it's been quite effective. My skin looks and feels healthier, and I'm thrilled with the progress. Highly recommended!

ewiskan |

20 October 2023

This product has significantly improved the overall quality of my skin. Tretiva 20 mg has reduced redness and given me a more radiant complexion. I'm extremely satisfied with the results.

gamerdor |

20 October 2023

Tretiva 20 mg is a savior for those with sensitive skin. It's improved my skin texture without any irritation. I wake up with a healthier-looking complexion every morning.

dualduo77 |

20 October 2023

My acne-prone skin has finally met its match with Tretiva 20 mg. It's been gentle yet effective, and it's made my skin feel cleaner and smoother. The results are impressive.

xnuxwkc |

20 October 2023

I was skeptical at first, but Tretiva 20 mg has exceeded my expectations. It's been gentle on my skin and has given me a brighter, healthier-looking complexion. I'm excited to see more improvements.

tominator.wilson |

20 October 2023

This product is a game-changer for managing acne. Tretiva 20 mg has significantly reduced my breakouts without causing irritation. My skin is finally clearer, and I couldn't be happier.

mamislittleboy5 |

20 October 2023

Tretiva 20 mg is the perfect solution for moderate acne. It's gentle and effective, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. My complexion has improved, and I'm thrilled with the progress.

vick.ilarsen196 |

20 October 2023

I've been using Tretiva 20 mg, and it's been an excellent choice for my persistent acne. It's effective without being overly strong, and it's improved my skin's texture noticeably. I'm delighted with the results.

aku.valmu |

20 October 2023

Tretiva 20 mg has worked wonders for my acne-prone skin. It strikes the perfect balance - effective yet gentle. My skin is clearer, and I haven't experienced any harsh side effects. Highly recommended!

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What is Tretiva 20 used for?

Tretiva 20 is primarily used for the treatment of severe acne. It contains isotretinoin, a retinoid medication that helps reduce acne severity and prevent new acne lesions from forming.

How long should I take Tretiva?

The duration of Tretiva treatment varies depending on the severity of acne and individual response.

What is the age limit for Tretiva 20MG?

There isn't a specific age limit for Tretiva 20mg. However, it's typically prescribed for adolescents and adults with severe acne who have not responded well to other treatments.

Is tretiva and isotretinoin same?

Yes, Tretiva and isotretinoin are the same. Tretiva is a brand name for the medication containing isotretinoin, which is used primarily for the treatment of severe acne.

Can I take isotretinoin 20 mg daily?

The dosage of isotretinoin, including 20 mg daily, should be determined by a healthcare professional, typically a dermatologist, based on factors such as the severity of acne and individual response to treatment.

Does Tretiva cause weight gain?

Weight gain is not a common side effect of Tretiva (isotretinoin). However, some individuals may experience changes in weight during treatment.

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