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Tacroz 0.03% Ointment

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Created at : 17-10-2023
Author : Aston Carter
Updated at : 02-03-2024
Medically Reviewd By : Dr. Peter Hales

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The ointment “TacrozÒ” helps treat atopic dermatitis or eczema. It operates beyond suppression of the action of some particular immune cells that may be responsible for inflammation (redness and swelling) in the skin of the individuals. That makes it better and reduces the relief due to itching and rhythms that are common in cases of atopic dermatitis.

Tacroz Ointment is a preparatory for outdoor purposes. Instruction is properly to apply it 2–4 times a day on the affected area or as the doctor suggests. It has to be massaged softly and systematically into the skin before it gets completely rubbed in. Do not use it out of your comfort range. It is also not advisable to wrap or bandage the cured area. You need to willingly, tell the doctor if 2 weeks of the treatment are done and there is no improvement or if the skin worsens.

This drug usage can lead to erythema, headache, inflammation, and hair follicles as application reaction, such as burning sensations, redness and itching. Taking this medicine be done with extreme caution during pregnancy or while lactating unless other medications have failed.

How To Use Tacroz 0.03% Ointment

By washing or washing the affected area and drying both, you can apply Tacroz — 0 03% ointment. Using a small quantity of the oily substance, spread all over the sores until they are completely saturated with the cream. Wash your hands after using hand cream unless the only accessible areas to use the product are your hands. Use the ointment either once or twice daily. Or — your dermatologist may ask you to use the ointment in a particular way. Refrain from using it on any broken, infected, or aggravated areas of skin. Keep wounded in a wound bare if your doctor did not ask to cover them with bandage or dressing. On the… devastating hour you miss the dose, put it on immediately, though no other dose in the coming hour.

Active Ingredients

Tacrolimus, sold under the brand name Prograf among others, is an immunosuppressive drug. After allogenic organ transplant, the risk of organ rejection is moderate. To lower the risk of organ rejection, tacrolimus is given. The drug can also be sold as a topical medication in the treatment of T-cell-mediated diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Benefits of Tacroz 0.03% Ointment

  • Eczema Relief
  • Psoriasis Treatment
  • Dermatitis Relief
  • Skin Irritation Relief
  • Itch Relief
  • Redness Reduction
  • Skin Healing
  • Skin Soothing
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Skin Repair

Side Effects of Tacroz 0.03% Ointment

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13 Reviews For Tacroz 0.03% Ointment

Vincen Barlow |

06 April 2024

Tacroz 0.03% Ointment exceeded my expectations! Reduced inflammation and improved skin texture. Thrilled with the results. Highly recommend!

Elsa Chen |

06 March 2024

I am beyond satisfied with my experience using Tacroz 0.03% Ointment from usmedilife. It has truly been a game-changer for me, and I'm extremely pleased with the results. Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their skin!

James Liu |

02 March 2024

I am absolutely thrilled with the results from using Tacroz 0.03% Ointment! It has worked wonders for my skin, and I couldn't be happier.

fourt0820 |

18 October 2023

Tacroz 0.03% Ointment is my ultimate defense against eczema flare-ups. It's a must-have in my skincare arsenal.

strontium143 |

18 October 2023

Tacroz not only treats my skin issues but also appears to promote better overall skin health. It's a win-win situation.

islademosquitos |

18 October 2023

I appreciate that Tacroz 0.03% is non-greasy and doesn't leave a heavy residue on my skin.

fabtlqv |

18 October 2023

A little goes a long way with Tacroz. It spreads easily and ensures the ointment lasts longer.

ayanastar1 |

18 October 2023

Prior to using Tacroz, consult a dermatologist. Their guidance on usage is invaluable for your skin's health.

ngalbye |

18 October 2023

Tacroz 0.03% requires consistent use, but it provides long-lasting relief. My skin has never looked better.

georgewilliamson111 |

18 October 2023

I experienced minimal side effects, just a mild, temporary burning sensation during initial applications. The benefits far outweigh this.

hoopsmattera |

18 October 2023

My dermatologist recommended Tacroz, and it has proven to be the right choice. It's a prescription-strength treatment that works wonders.

sozai4957 |

18 October 2023

This ointment provides rapid relief from itching and inflammation. It's my go-to solution for eczema flare-ups.

ramazan.zengin.42 |

18 October 2023

Tacroz 0.03% Ointment is a godsend for my sensitive skin. It's gentle yet effective in managing my eczema.

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What is Tacroz ointment 0.03 used for?

Tacroz ointment 0.03% is used to treat eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Is Tacroz ointment a steroid?

No, Tacroz ointment contains tacrolimus, which is not a steroid but an immunosuppressant used to treat inflammatory skin conditions.

How long does it take for tacrolimus ointment to work?

Tacrolimus ointment may start to show improvement in skin conditions like eczema within a few weeks, but full effects may take longer.

Who should not take tacrolimus?

Tacrolimus should not be taken by individuals with a hypersensitivity to tacrolimus or any component of the formulation.

What happens if you go in the sun with tacrolimus?

Exposure to sunlight while using tacrolimus can increase the risk of sunburn, skin irritation, and skin damage.

Can I use tacrolimus ointment on my face?

Tacrolimus ointment is typically not recommended for use on the face unless prescribed by a healthcare professional.

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